3ds max tutorial Realistic curtain

3ds max tutorial Realistic curtain

To watch the full complete video with HD quality please visit: http://www.dubai3dmax.com/
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17 responses to “3ds max tutorial Realistic curtain”

  1. HungoverTurnip says:

    I’m thinking of studying 3D graphics and will end up using this and another
    program I can’t quite remember the name of; before I apply, I need to know
    wether or not you have to be skilled at drawing to do the program justice?
    Thanks for any replies!

  2. ttttkk2 says:

    can you explain the command you pressed?

  3. Adam Su says:

    Osome!!!!!! I DID IT!!!

  4. mohammd alnadawi says:


  5. smicha7 says:

    no sound and so low res – why? btw great stuff

  6. mamchic says:

    this video available at dubai3dmax .c om with HD you can see all commands ,

  7. Tiểu Tuệ says:

    it’s bad quality!!

  8. Melek Beyaz says:

    Bunu gosterirsen cekib day basdan axira kimi gosterde. yarimciq kime
    lazimdi ki.

  9. irig5000 says:

    oh guy! I need login 🙁 Well, I already knew this, I was thinking about
    learning other techniques, anyway thanks.

  10. Руслан В says:

    нужна озвучка! Может кто нибудь займется?

  11. Henry Elkhoury says:

    hi . i need some techniques how to use and when THE HDRI. REFLECTION AND

  12. mamchic says:

    thank you smicha7, you can watch it HD check the video description you will
    find site, go through tutorials page . and got it …

  13. siukai pang says:

    pity there is no sound 🙁

  14. Lara Graham says:

    no sound, disappointing, :/

  15. Infa tum says:

    Very good tutorial but, please, can you put in in HD quality?

  16. Anas Alzayed says:

    u are one real intellagent pro

  17. mamchic says:

    if you have this Talent to draw good it can help you of course , but even
    without you can start with this …

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