Illustrator tutorial Sonic chaos emerald Part One of three

Illustrator tutorial Sonic chaos emerald Part One of three

Illustrator tutorial my first video tutorial sorry if its a little sloppy sorry its a little longer than it should but any questions if i left something out …

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7 responses to “Illustrator tutorial Sonic chaos emerald Part One of three”

  1. Bojan Pavlovic says:

    witch button do you press to see the wireframe ??
    and i have problem with expand appearance It does not show full
    3D object for some reason ?? please HELP

  2. Arlena Izquierdo says:

    mine is so not coming out like that at all

  3. Saveur Finecakes says:

    how can i go to wire mode?

  4. Caleb Cameron FSgraphics says:

    you may not have gone to expand appearance select the the object, then at
    the top menu go to object > expand appearance.

  5. Shigesato Itoi says:

    Well to my Knuckles’ Chaotix HD and Sonic 2 HD I need artists ,
    programmists and musicians .

  6. Caleb Cameron FSgraphics says:

    that actually is something would be interested in. but, you need to put
    something together first. a demo project or an example of how this would
    all work. i have worked with people to make a game using Construct 2 it
    takes programing knowledge and every body being in synchronization

  7. daniel Mammoth says:

    Thanks! I am developing a flash game that requires gems and found this
    tutorial very useful. Also, I’ve made a Photoshop adaptation of this
    tutorial on my website. you can view it at dogmanstudios

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