Tutorial Photoshop CS6 [HD]: How to make Pattern and Gold Text Style

Tutorial Photoshop CS6 [HD]: How to make Pattern and Gold Text Style

EXPAND▽▽ Download texture: Wait 5 seconds and click SKIP AD Water: http://sh.st/wND0r Flare: http://sh.st/wNDrr Sound: DragonstarDT Links *****************…
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14 responses to “Tutorial Photoshop CS6 [HD]: How to make Pattern and Gold Text Style”

  1. HARRPPZZ says:

    OMG what is the track on this pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee let me know

  2. Hanuwath Hout says:

    What is the music?

  3. Mia Morgan says:

    This is a awesome tut however my ps has the polygon but it doesnt have 6
    sides like yours only 5 what can i do?

  4. Jedidiah Breeze says:

    WOW this video is sooo bad ass

  5. Nashagenfilms says:

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    world. I can help you out with that. You can check out my website at
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    Anyway, I wish you well in your logo creations:)

  6. HARRPPZZ says:

    Looked on dragonstarDT cant find it??

  7. Hanuwath Hout says:

    what is the track?

  8. Hasan Plays says:

    thanks burh i love you man (no homo)

  9. NSLAS Shore says:

    Totally #Awesome #Talented, thanks for sharing

  10. Pukmuot says:

    What is the track?

  11. Enes Keriqi says:

    brravo vlla ,pun e paqme !

  12. Granit Selmani says:

    Group 1 click right mouse and Convert to Smart Object, and Alt+click in the
    mid to both of them

  13. Raresq05 says:

    Genial video! Good job 😀

  14. mohamed abdel-hady says:

    man that’s like thor bringing lightning with his hammer …u’re my hero

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