iMovie Tutorial-How To Add Sounds Effects And Background Music

iMovie Tutorial-How To Add Sounds Effects And Background Music

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7 responses to “iMovie Tutorial-How To Add Sounds Effects And Background Music”

  1. hector guerrero says:

    fuck you!

  2. Jistudios8250 says:

    Hm. Those are both good questions. To answer the one about how to choose
    which part of the song to put in. I always find at what place on the timer
    the part of the song is that I want to begin in my project…If that makes
    sense. Then place a blank picture or two and change the duration of the
    picture to fit the timing in which that part in the song begins. Then place
    the song on the picture and click and drag the sound bar from either the
    beginning, or ending of the song. Hope that helps! 🙂

  3. TheAwesomeAmaya says:

    Hello, When I click the music/audio and when my iPod is plugged into the
    computer NONE of my iTunes Music shows! Any suggestions? Thank You!!!!

  4. Jistudios8250 says:

    Sorry for the late replies to your comments guys and girls!

  5. waad boukhari says:

    thank you

  6. iequalspro says:

    Thanks for the help! But can you choose which part of the song to use? I am
    going to go find out from other videos or if I don’t find any trial and
    error. =P But that’s just something to put in a second version if you make

  7. Jistudios8250 says:

    @TheAwesomeAmaya Try making sure that your itunes songs on your ipod are
    synched with your itunes. “For example, the songs shouldn’t show up in your
    itunes folder in iMovie if it is a friends iPod.” And then try closing and
    reopening iMovie to refresh the songs in the folder. If that doesn’t work.
    Then I would try unplugging your iPod and closing and reopening iMovie.

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