Adobe Illustrator Tutorial – Professional Website Banner Design

Adobe Illustrator Tutorial - Professional Website Banner Design

VISIT US NOW – Graphic Designer Tips will teach you how to design a professional looking website banner. Learn about image…
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24 responses to “Adobe Illustrator Tutorial – Professional Website Banner Design”

  1. blender1978 says:

    You are awesome. Thank you so much for posting these videos. You have
    help me rediscover my creative side and my passion. 

  2. Paul Handley says:

    Why buy a stock image when you can take your digicam or cellphone out,
    knock on a few doors and take High quality images yourself. I’m not in the
    business of making someone else rich.

  3. submitbannerusa1 says:

    Thank u your video was so helpful!

  4. Stephen Looney says:

    Sure……Thanks again!!

  5. TheFrenezis says:

    I feel sorry for the 4 guys who disliked this,this tutorial explains every
    single detail,i learned a lot thanks.

  6. carlos feng says:

    Just subscribed, keep it up man

  7. Stephen Looney says:

    @inivonwini We are new to Youtube and marketing our website so I would say
    this is good for being posted a month ago. Thank you for tuning in 🙂

  8. Stephen Looney says:

    Thank you Carlos, stay tuned for more awesome content!!

  9. Stephen Looney says:

    Thank you for commenting! Glad you liked it 🙂

  10. Stephen Looney says:

    @Acvila33 Well then, thank you for listening to my ramble. I get tons of
    freelance work by educating my clients about every aspect!

  11. Acvila33 says:

    You talk too much !

  12. Stephen Looney says:

    Susan, thank your for subscribing to my channel. I am happy I was able to
    communicate it to you easily! Thanks for watching 🙂

  13. Eric Styles says:

    I want to see if you can help me out with a logo. My logo name will be PS
    Designs( short for “Paystyle Designs). I have a idea for it. I want
    computer for the main image, and have some designs flying out of the
    screen, and then have the PS logo flying out of the middle of them computer
    screen. Can you give my an idea of what it my look like.

  14. Richard Puddicombe says:

    How did you darken the sky? and if you shouldn’t save the file as a AI file
    what should it be saved to for printing?

  15. Susan Goodman says:

    so helpful, clear, understandable in plain language! thank you!

  16. Tholithemba Ntsele says:

    How web heavy is that banner?

  17. Stephen Looney says:

    You are in the business of SELLING products or services. Think of the low
    picture quality or inaccurate lighting on most ameture photos. It is very
    difficult to submit your photos to a stock photo website for sale. They
    have to go through a rigorous screening process to be accepted. Imagine if
    every ad you look at today had it’s images substituted with even the best
    ones you could take. There are times though that I take pictures myself for
    textures or patterns for background us. Thank you Paul

  18. Tirath Mistry says:

    Awesome tutorial 🙂

  19. Stephen Looney says:

    Cool…..Keep it going!! Thanks for tuning in!!

  20. Stephen Looney says:

    You are welcome. If you think this is helpful then check out my new Layout
    Design Bootcamp series which is very informative. Subscribe!!

  21. Stephen Looney says:

    I’m not really sure what you are asking….what that a question or a

  22. inivonwini says:

    Why does this have so few views?

  23. Cameron Brown says:

    Took a look at this video and subscribed shortly afterwards found this
    really helpful thank you sir from graphic designer to graphic designer

  24. Stephen Looney says:

    Nice Nice Nice!! Happy you stumbled across this and it helped you! Send me
    a link to your project so I can take a look if you’d like. I’d love to see
    what you came up with. Are you looking to get more into web, graphics, or
    both?! Subscribe 🙂

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