3ds Max Tutorial – Organic Form in 3ds Max

3ds Max Tutorial - Organic Form in 3ds Max

This video shows some different options to model a form that was done in Revit. You can import from Revit, but someone asked me to make the video on how I might model this shell in 3ds Max.
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17 responses to “3ds Max Tutorial – Organic Form in 3ds Max”

  1. 서민아 says:

    thank you so much. it really helped me alot. i mean, it is better to teach
    in this way how we can imply to our model rather than create the whole damn
    models.. u know.:) hope these kinds of videos to be uploaded more ! thank
    you once again :D

  2. J JJe says:

    May anyone teach me how to make the mouse pointer color ? I mean the red
    color orbit (hope people called it orbit) around the mouse.
    And I saw people’s pointer will become a complete orbit once done selection

  3. Michael Lofrano says:

    Excellent. I always forget how versatile the FFD mod can be. One
    question. Why did you switch from local to world?

  4. Maria Kichatova says:

    Brilliant! Thanks a lot! It’s really usefull

  5. eloise horse says:

    like it very much! demonstrations on each method are very clear, please do
    more tutorials

  6. quynh nguyen says:

    Thank you ! Great video.

  7. Paul Elder says:

    From one Paul to another this is one of the best tutorials on Spline to
    organic I’ve seen. I use FFD a lot while box modelling. You also explained
    this very well. *subscribed* 

  8. Joanne Yu says:

    You are amazing! I’ve been looking for a decent tutorial of this for so
    long. I hope you upload more videos :)

  9. Lorenzo Giannini says:

    Amazing! It’s incredible – from the point of view of a beginner like me…
    – how a couple of tools (FFD 4x4x4 and Soft Selection) can ease your work
    and boost it faster and smoother in just a few, simple…let’s say
    “chirurgical” adjustments! Thank you Mr. Fatkins!

  10. majed mobarki says:

    your Style in the Explain better than of the company’s representatives
    thank you ^^
    Some Of Company representatives: (
    3ds Max Spline Modeling Technique

  11. kareem naser says:

    Amazing …. Thanx a lot … now i can finish my project hehe

  12. Jarpis X says:

    thanks alot I learned a lot with your video

  13. Dessislava Lazarova says:

    great tut! it was very useful for me

  14. Gildo Primo says:

    Valeu muito show

  15. Paul Fatkins says:

    Same process – I did another example “3ds Max Tutorial – Organic Building
    in 3ds Max – Workshop 03 – Part I” continues to Part V look it up on youtube

  16. John Malcolm says:

    Great examples. You forgot to mention with the Sweep option, your original
    line is still parametrically linked in the stack. If you converted it to
    editable spline before sweeping (same with the custom shape) you could have
    adjusted the shape of the sweep by dropping down to the line path of the
    sweep, and push or pull the vertices of the line path to change the shape,
    or if you chose instance as the custom shape type, you could adjust the
    shape, and the changes reflect on the sweep.

  17. Nour Kass says:

    thanx for sharing

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